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Alan and Team,
Thank you for guiding us through this phase in our lives. We appreciate your expertise and diligence for this positive outcome. We're moving forward.
Again, thank you.

Don and Robin

We didn’t think that’s what you were thinking.

If you’re like our other clients, when you enrolled in real estate school, the last thing on your mind was working with your clients’ lender in order to close your listings.  Our clients tell us that they appreciate knowing they can go back to doing what excited them about becoming real estate agents; listing, showing and selling homes!

Oh…and one more small thing… they like that we do not charge them or their clients a penny out of pocket. (or a nickel, or a dime or anything!)

Imagine listing a short sale property for what it is worth, receiving legitimate offers, and having it actually close!

We are in the business of providing you with the freedom to market homes and sell homes, just like the good old days!  We handle processing the transaction for you, while you market the home and get it sold. It really is that simple!  We can start the process while the home is listed and move as quickly as possible to closing as soon as the home is under contract.

“But I don’t want to lose total control. I have a fiduciary responsibility to my client.”

More good news. You will receive an auto e-mail update every time anything is done on your files. You will also have real-time access to each file through ClientCenter.  In other words, you and your client can know, at any given moment, where their home is in the process.

If this feels as calming as the sounds of the ocean…

Navigate to the Contact Us page and either call or complete the contact request form.A Complete Short Sale Processors representative will answer any questions you may have, train you to become a ClientCenter pro and put you on the road to closing more homes and earning more money!

You list the property. We’ll deal with the Muzak.