Congress loading a tax extension with pork…go figure.

Doug and Mark from the Real Estate News Channel touched on the Bush tax cuts extension today and point out some of the pork projects that are being tacked on to the extension.

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Leave it up to congress to make a tax extension into a bill that is laden with pork.  Let me see if I get this straight…the “Bush tax cuts” were bad, because they put more of peoples’ money back into their own pockets.  By giving people their own money back, there is less for the government to spend on social programs, bailouts, etc.  OK…so I get that part.  Where the logic breaks down for me, is that if they were so concerned about not having enough tax money, why did they add programs and handouts to the bill that total $1.1 Trillion? Call me a simpleton, but it just doesn’t make sense.  What’s your take?

Trent from CSSP

Thursday, December 16th, 2010 Latest News

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