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Frank and Brian from ThinkBigWorkSmall deliver a great update every morning, filled with industry news and information with a dash (OK, sometimes a BIG dash) of humor and sarcasm.  Infotainment at it’s…well…it’s pretty good…

They are a great couple of guys and we HIGHLY recommend signing up for their “Daily” at their site:

Today on the show, they highlighted our organization.  Check out today’s “Daily” by directing your browser to for more information.

If you are unfamiliar with our business, we have products four products to offer clients: Freedom, increased productivity, peace of mind and increased revenue.  Our current clients tell us they like that they can now go back to doing what they loved about real estate to begin with; listing, selling and closing homes.

We would love to discuss your current situation and then determine between the two of us how best to proceed.  Our contact information can all be found here: .

If you are not sure yet, check out our website.  I recommend the following pages:

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Should you have any questions and want to conact me directly, please call me at 702.499.8846

Yours in Success,

Trent from CSSP

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Mortgage rates drop to record lows. Significant for buyers. Significant for distressed sellers.

Freddie Mac reported this morning that The 30-year mortgage rate dropped again, down to 4.57%.  This is significant for your potential buyers, because it means they will pay less to finance a home than they have in quite some time.  This will be especially positive for  your buyers who had a contract in place by April 30th but who have not yet closed.  The tax credit has been extended and they will now be able to lock at a lower rate.  (For reference:

For distressed sellers it means that buyers who are are able, will still be looking to buy.  This means that there is still hope that they will be able to get out of the distressed situation and begin to pick up the pieces.

For more information, please direct your browser to:–year-fixed-rate-mortgage-record-low/

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Success,

Trent from CSSP

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Could now be the best time to buy a home? Coldwell Banker CEO says YES!

According to Jim Gillespie, CEO of Coldwell Banker, it is.  In a recent article written by Peter Gorenstein of Yahoo! Finance’s TechTicker, Gillespie points out the following reasons why now is the “absolute best” time to buy a home:

1. Low Rates-A fixed 30-year is as low as 4.75%.  So the whole mortgage-backed securities scare, knock on wood, has been about as scary as Y2K.  (I’m fully aware that there is still time for me to eat my words on this one…)

2. High Inventories-If you are willing to wait, the home of your dreams is likely out there.  Short sale transactions can take some time.  (For our average close time by bank, click here: )

3. Low prices-Oh…and…that home of your dreams is likely siginificantly less expensive when it became the home of your dreams.  Gillsepie feels that prices are bottoming out.

He and I may have to agree to disagree on the thinking that the downward trend has slowed (though, being a recent buyer myself, I’ll gladly be the one who is wrong!)   Either way, the conditions have not been this good in about eight years to buy a home.  I know of several short sale homes on the market, originally built between 2003 and 2007, where the original interest only loan payoff is twice what the new buyer is paying!

Is it the best time, who really knows?  Is a an excellent, without a doubt.

–Trent from CSSP

To read the full article, please click here:’s-the-%22absolute-best-time%22-to-buy-a-home-coldwell-banker-ceo-507986.html;_ylt=AqcQ925K3oJ2y9zQ974Q4s1k7ot4;_ylu=X3oDMTE3YmhpdGNhBHBvcwMxOARzZWMDYXJ0aWNsZUxpc3QEc2xrA25vd3N0aGVhYnNvbA–?tickers=XHB,,tol,len,phm,dhi,low,hd

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Tax credit extension still has not passed. Can you say “filibuster?”

Frank and Brian from ThinkbigWorkSmall discuss today that the tax credit extension is stuck in the house.  For more information tune in to today’s daily:

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NOT SO FAST! First-time homebuyers may still qualify for tax credit NOT SO FAST!

Although the $8000 first-time homebuyer tax credit, and the $6500 tax credit for all other buyers is set to expire at the end of this month, the Senate is considering extending the tax credit to the end of September, 2010.

Word is that it will not extend the credit for those who did not have the house under contract by the end of April (the first requirement).  For more information on the potential extension, please see the article below from the Wall Street Journal.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Trent from CSSP

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Focus on creating value, the dollars will follow.

Did you know that marketing has changed so much since the last decade, that the American Marketing Association changed the definition of the word marketing in 2004?

The old definition was very focused on the product, it’s placement, it’s price and how it is promoted.  It was very “push”.

The new definition focuses on creating, communicating, and delivering value. In other words, providing the customer with what they need and then helping them discover for themselves that what is offered is valuable.

I had the opportunity to serve on the panel of a webinar today, hosted by Think Big Work Small.  The topic of the webinar was “Working with Distressed Clients”.  As I was pondering the topic, up to the point of the webinar beginning, I thought back to a principle I was taught several years ago as I studied marketing; “Dollars follow value.”

What this means is that no one really cares that we are: agents, short sale processors, marketing wonks, certified whatevers, REO specialists, that we have sold $x million, that we have x number of  listings or that we are currently processing x number of short sale transactions.

What the homeowner in distress does care about is that they are in a bad situation that they had no idea was coming their way.  They aren’t specifically looking to remodify their loan, they aren’t looking to short sale, they certainly aren’t looking to have their home foreclosed upon.  They are looking for value in the form of answers and options.

Buyers are looking for value, in the form of a piece of property that they can either live in or use to provide value for another in the form of a place to stay…and capture dollars at the end of the month for doing so.  If we focus on being the ones who create, communicate and deliver value, and less on the dollars, the dollars will follow.  It’s a “True North Principle”

To much success and value creation,

Trent from Complete Short Sale Processors

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Organizing the unorganized-Seth Godin

At times, it’s refreshing to take a step back from real estate and look at some overriding principles.  Seth Godin, one of the leading marketing gurus of our time keeps an awesome Blog.  I like his blog, because his posts can be read in about 5 minutes and (almost) always speak to me in a way that I can apply the concepts in my professional (and often personal life).  I especially loved his post from a few days ago.

Happy Reading!

Trent from Complete Short Sale Processors, a CWY Holdings, LLC company

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CRITICAL Fannie Mae changes! Especially important for states with long redemption periods. John Wooden on Leadership. Working with Distressed Clients webinar June 10.

On today’s ThinkBigWorkSmall Daily, Frank and Brian discussed Some critical changes to Fannie Mae policy, as it relates to the redemption period.  This information will be especially important for those who operate in states where there are long redemption periods.  In a nutshell, as of late May, Fannie Mae will not fund a property that is still within the redemption period.  In a state like California, the redemption period is 12 months.  We strongly recommend that you check with your state statutes, as they relate to the redemption period and adjust accordingly.

Also, some great thoughts and quotes by the late, great John Wooden.  May he rest in peace.

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Surely you know this…but…Fannie Mae REQUIRING credit checks before funding.

As of June 1st, Fannie Mae is requiring a credit check prior to funding.  For many, this requirement is nothing new, as many lenders have been doing this for a long time.  However, with the current market conditions as they are, many buyers are riding the wave just north of 620 and one small purchase on a credit card could cost them the loan.  Brian and Frank from ThinkBigWorkSmall discussed this a few days ago on their ThinkBigWorkSmall daily and I thought I would post it here for your viewing pleasure.

Trent from Complete Short Sale Processors

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Sunday, June 6th, 2010 Latest News 1 Comment

Along the same lines as a home warranty, GET A HOME INSPECTION!

I almost didn’t do it.  “I know real estate, I know a little about home repair, I can handle it,” I thought .  My wife and I decided we didn’t have much to lose, but potential headaches, so I decided to shell out the few hundred bucks it cost and it was money well spent!

I asked around and I decided to call Richard Cummins of Associated Inspectors (702) 255-5504, from the recommendation Doug, one of my business partners and the COO of our company.  Richard was on time and absolutely FLOORED my agent about how thorough Richard and his partner were.  They spent more than 4 hours at my house and their report was 26 pages long and included a TON of pictures (sorry…I didn’t bother counting, but it was a LOT)  Thankfully, there was nothing, but a few little things that needed any attention and the home passed with flying colors, but it sure put my mind at ease that I was not buying a pig in a poke.  Take my word for it–call Richard.  If you live somewhere else in the country, as around and find someone reputable to inspect that property!

Kindest Regards,

Trent from Complete Short Sale Processors

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