Along the same lines as a home warranty, GET A HOME INSPECTION!

I almost didn’t do it.  “I know real estate, I know a little about home repair, I can handle it,” I thought .  My wife and I decided we didn’t have much to lose, but potential headaches, so I decided to shell out the few hundred bucks it cost and it was money well spent!

I asked around and I decided to call Richard Cummins of Associated Inspectors (702) 255-5504, from the recommendation Doug, one of my business partners and the COO of our company.  Richard was on time and absolutely FLOORED my agent about how thorough Richard and his partner were.  They spent more than 4 hours at my house and their report was 26 pages long and included a TON of pictures (sorry…I didn’t bother counting, but it was a LOT)  Thankfully, there was nothing, but a few little things that needed any attention and the home passed with flying colors, but it sure put my mind at ease that I was not buying a pig in a poke.  Take my word for it–call Richard.  If you live somewhere else in the country, as around and find someone reputable to inspect that property!

Kindest Regards,

Trent from Complete Short Sale Processors

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 Latest News

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