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Alan and Team,
Thank you for guiding us through this phase in our lives. We appreciate your expertise and diligence for this positive outcome. We're moving forward.
Again, thank you.

Don and Robin

About Us

Complete Short Sale Processors, a subsidiary of CWY Holdings, LLC, is in the business of relieving real estate agents of the necessity to process short sale transactions. Doing so allows them to focus on the reasons they got into real estate; to market, sell and close homes. We take care of getting homes through the short sale process, while our agents focus on marketing the home at the real, true market value and getting them sold.

Our primary goal in working with our clients is transparency. Agents that we have worked with have told us that one of their biggest worries, when considering handing short sale processing over to a processing company, was that it was difficult to have an understanding of where the home is in the process. They tell us that they feel a responsibility to their clients, in keeping them up to date on the short sale process, but have not been able to find a company that effectively keeps them in the loop.

For these agents, we created a way for them to be notified the moment one of their files is touched in any way. That way, they are kept “in the loop” at all times. We also have devised a way that for them to review all of these updates in one location 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other agents tell us that they did not want to give up their commissions to have the short sale processed and that they didn’t feel it was right of the processing company to charge their clients either. We do not charge the agents, buyer or homeowner any out of pocket expense for our service.

We simply are a company that helps grow an agents capacity in order to manage their increased production by adding a whole team of processors to their team…all for free!

For more information, please contact us at (877) 240-3558 or by emailing If you have a property to submit, we are ready when you are to get it all setup and begin the Short Sale Approval process. We look forward to working with you soon!