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Short Sales are the key to your success in 2011

Doug and Mark from the Real Estate News Channel reveal the findings of Fitch Ratings that clearly indicate that the key to any Realtor’s success in 2011 will be to embrace short sales and take on as many as you can!


The channel with REOs is the loss severity each the investor experiences when foreclosing on a home.  Loss severity is essentially, the percentage of principle the investor will lose through liquidation.  The rate of loss severity is expected to increase by 10% in 2011, further motivating investors to look at short sale transactions as a better liquidation strategy.

If you want to get back to what you love about being a Realtor, give our Director of Sales, Steve Pace a call at 949-295-5483 and he will walk you through the process of getting your first transaction in our system.  You will be assigned a personal processor for each file, who will serve as your personal assistant in getting the transaction approved and ready to close.  You will be automatically updated every time your file is touched in any way and you will not be charged a dime (where allowed by law.  Almost every state qualifies for free processing, but verify with Steve.)

We look forward to working with you soon to bring your short sale transactions to a close!


Trent from CSSP

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Congress loading a tax extension with pork…go figure.

Doug and Mark from the Real Estate News Channel touched on the Bush tax cuts extension today and point out some of the pork projects that are being tacked on to the extension.

Click here to watch the Update.

Leave it up to congress to make a tax extension into a bill that is laden with pork.  Let me see if I get this straight…the “Bush tax cuts” were bad, because they put more of peoples’ money back into their own pockets.  By giving people their own money back, there is less for the government to spend on social programs, bailouts, etc.  OK…so I get that part.  Where the logic breaks down for me, is that if they were so concerned about not having enough tax money, why did they add programs and handouts to the bill that total $1.1 Trillion? Call me a simpleton, but it just doesn’t make sense.  What’s your take?

Trent from CSSP

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