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How are attorneys advising your clients in distress? They could be wrong!

On this morning’s Real Estate News Channel Update, Doug and Mark cover a very interesting topic, as it relates to attorneys.  Many attorneys are recommending bankruptcy as a way to avoid foreclosure and it is simply not the right way way to advise a client.  We strongly recommend that you have your client speak to an attorney, but we also recommend that you interview the attorney first and be sure they know what they are talking about and have experience in real estate.  For more information and just one of the many reasons why, check out today’s Real Estate News Channel Update:

Friday, October 29th, 2010 Latest News No Comments reports home prices stabilizing while values continue to fall…huh?

On the very same day reported that home prices were stabilizing, they reported that home values have decreased…how is that possible?

Check out todays Real Estate News Channel Update for more and a great “Tip of the Day” for Realtors.  If you like what you see subscribe to their show.  They launch one a day.

In the Update, they discuss where someone can go to view where their state lines up as far as unemployment and foreclosures are concerned.  To see where your state ranks in foreclosures and unemployment, direct your browser to:

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This gets uglier by the minute…Chase now involved in the shenanigans!

The latest serviced to join the friends in low places is….drum roll please….CHASE! On Sunday, Reuters reported that Old Republic Title Insurance reported it was holding off on insuring homes foreclosed upon by JP Morgan Chase.

This comes on the heels of GMAC and it’s subsidiaries claiming they have committed some ethics “no-nos”, as has the grand-daddy of them all; Bank of America. All three have stopped foreclosure proceedings in 23 states and are bracing for a serious legal brow-beating. For more information, see the links below. Get your duct tape out first and then ask yourself this question: Do I think it is it just these three companies who have acted unethically? We think not…

Plenty more information to follow…stay tuned.

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